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Articles - The Private Investigator in Colombia: Due Diligence to Establish A Business

The Private Investigator in Colombia: Due Diligence to Establish A Business

Detective, private detective, Colombia, private investigator, due diligence, businessGenerally, when speaking about detectives, it is common to think about people who are investigating crime and delinquency cases. Yes, of course, that’s part of the profession. But there is also a type of detective who dives into the matters of a topic to provide the guidelines that are more substantial and necessary when consolidating a business.
This type of private detective and private investigator in Colombia, who generally is professionally trained in the law and market fields, tends to be requested to make a balance of a company and to indicate which permits and arrangements are necessary to establish the project of a person or a determined group in the market.
The investigations performed by this type of detective range from the taxes you have to pay to the government, passing through all the permits processes to be able to sell and the management bank accounts where the money of the company will be sent. In Colombia, for example, such arrangements have to do with the Chamber of Commerce and each of these processes and proceedings require a prudent time to materialize.
Nowadays, modern businessmen have found out that this type of detective is the best person to delegate all the responsibility regarding the permits and the essential foundations to enter the business. This type of private investigator in Colombia, becomes a representative that must assume each of the proceedings responsibly, apart from investigating them in advance.
If you are the owner of a business or you wish to create one, the best advice you can find is the one we offer you as private investigator and private detective in the field of laws and the permits you need to give life to your business project. Whether it is a large company or a SME, it is necessary to comply with a full catalog of requirements for your service or product to be commercialized according to law.
Otherwise, you will be exposed to the risk of having your project at free will, allowing some sales to be performed in an illegal way. The direct consequence of this is that, later, the most important authorities of the country, such as Dian and the Chamber of Commerce could punish you by making you pay millionaire amounts because you did not take care of a previous requirement. 
That is why, through our agency, you can count on our investigation team to get documented and even advised on all the previous activities you have to consider to make a safe investment and begin earning with your business in the Colombian market.